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Marketing Strategy

Advertising campaigns | Social Media Management | Integrated Marketing | Public Relations (PR) | Creating texts and visual arts | Communication of media campaigns | Create a monthly publication calendar | Generate and send statistical reports | Content creation Monthly reports | Influencers Marketing | PPC | SEO

Now technology is changing the terms and defining different ways of communication and decision making. Social media is a necessary, dynamic tool that companies use as part of their advertising to reach out and communicate with their audience. is essential for any type of business.

Through social media marketing actions you can promote products, attract new customers, strengthen your corporate identity, build meaningful relationships with your audience and increase your sales.

We offer complete social media marketing services, perfectly adapted to the needs and character of your brand. We study your needs and design together the strategy that suits you. We undertake the setting up, management and advertising of your social media channels, we suggest and create the appropriate content as well as a weekly content calendar and the sending of monthly statistical reports.


We undertake the design and implementation of a Public Relations and Communication strategy for your business and we provide you with specialized services in order to produce measurable results and strengthen your brand by enhancing your online and offline reputation. We create campaigns that aim to promote a product or service in multiple ways and means. The main purpose of the launch campaign is to recognize the product name (brand awareness).


We approach traditional and modern means of communication (TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, internet portals, social media, etc.) and find ways to create the appropriate material to communicate actions, offers, new products or services of the company through press releases, advertorials etc.


Influence marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on specific key people, whose views can greatly influence consumer purchasing decisions. We undertake the investigation and achieve collaboration with successful Infuencers in your field in order to reach the audience that concerns you and to enhance the awareness of your brand through original actions.

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